Three Options For Mountain Lodging When You Want To Ski, Hike Or Hunt

17 April 2017
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When you really want to get away from it all and literally head for the hills, there is plenty of mountain lodging to choose from. With three major mountain ranges in the U.S., you also have your choice of areas of the country in which to head. Here are some options you can look for when you begin considering lodging in the mountains. Trailer Homes for Rent in the Blue Ridges Read More 

Want To Get Gamers’ Perspectives On New Games? How Video Game Broadcast Voting Helps

31 March 2017
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Okay, so you are a brand-new video game company looking for success. To be successful, you have to design games gamers want to play. You also want to make sure that the games you launch will be successful and appeal to most gamers. While you could spend years and thousands of dollars on market research, your competition gets ahead. Instead, do what gamers do; video game broadcasts. Better yet, do these broadcasts with a twist--gamers vote on what games they like as they are being aired and played. Read More 

5 Tricks for Decorating Affordable Folding Chairs for a Wedding on a Budget

13 December 2016
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You may love the look of high end upholstered chairs for your wedding, but this is not always a budget-friendly option for seating a large group of guests. Metal or wood folding chairs are far less expensive to rent, and this gives you a set of blank canvases to decorate as you please to build up the atmosphere of the room. Try these five decorating techniques to give your folding chairs a hint of elegance. Read More 

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Coffin Case

11 April 2016
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A coffin case is a coffin-shaped guitar case. It helps protect your guitar from dings, dents and scratches while you are traveling. A case is something every guitar player will want to have when traveling, and a coffin-shaped one makes your case unique and interesting. However, not every coffin case is the same. There are many differences from one case to the next, and what may be an ideal case for you may not work for someone else. Read More 

Getting Married In Vegas: 3 Ways to Make a Destination Wedding More Affordable

22 January 2016
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Saying "I do" at an altar can come with a hefty price tag. Needless to say, a destination wedding will be even more expensive than a local one. If you're thinking of hosting a destination wedding and tying the knot in Vegas, here are 3 ways you might be able to make the wedding a bit more affordable. Cut Down the Guest List It's not uncommon for most couples to extend a wedding invitation to all of their friends and family; however, you may want to consider trimming down the guest list and only inviting those who are particularly close to you. Read More